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The People Acknowledge the Nobile 50Fifty Is a Top Notch Board

Gear manufacturer Nobile presented the 2010 50fifty board as a pure wakestyle board that has plenty of pop, is easy to control at high speeds, lands smoothly, and carves aggressively. It’s only natural that Nobile would speak highly of its board. If you’re thinking that Nobile is full of it and the 50Fifty board is not all that great, you are terribly mistaken.

According to IKSURF International Magazine and its readers, the Nobile 50Fifty is the Best Twin Tip Board of 2010. The people have submitted their votes as part of the IKSURF Readers Awards 2010, and Nobile’s board came out on top. The magazine said the board is “a top end freestyle machines that is surprisingly easy to ride” and a board “that doesn’t just lap up the buttery flat stuff, it is awesome in the chop too.”

Nobile said it is very glad the board got the Best Twin Tip of 2010 award and thanked everyone who voted.

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