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Peter Lynn on China Manufactured Kites

Peter Lynn is one of the most prestigious kite designers today. The Peter Lynn brand dominated kiting market and the man himself is a legend. The New Zealand engineer travels the world and is up to date with anything related to kiting industry.

Let’s see what he thinks about the latest developments in China, when it comes to producing kites. Remember that Chinese manufactured kites are cheaper than brand kites, but are considered less reliable when it comes to performance and durability.

“Ten years ago, kites for sale [in China] were complete rubbish; they cost less than a dollar including line, but generally wouldn't hang together long enough to get into the air, even in the hands of experienced fliers.”

However, things seem to have changed over the past seasons, and the whole scenario is shifting towards a more professional attitude and fewer counterfeit products: “There is an enthusiasm for kites in China that I don't now see in Europe, USA or New Zealand. Probably this is a combination of their cultural tradition and the recently acquired affluence and leisure to indulge this. Parents have memories of flying kites with their parents and are keen to repeat this experience with their own children.”

It seems that China is getting seriously involved in wind sports and kiteboarding events are spreading throughout the country. We just need to wait to see how things evolve.