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PKRA and KSP Announce Combined Wave World Ranking System

The PKRA (Professional Kiteboarder Riders Association) and KSP (Kite Surf Pro) announced the introduction of a new, united world ranking system that melds the PKRA Wave Tour and the KSP Professional Wave Tour together. The aforementioned PKRA and KSP alongside the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) agreed on revising/amending the existing kite wave world championship and world ranking system and coming up with one united world ranking. They didn’t agree right away, it took them three months of negotiations so that every party involved would be satisfied with the new unified wave point system.

There are two parts in the revised/amended world championship:

1 – A combined point system. Based on conditions, contest duration, judging and prize money, points will be awarded to each event. Even though the point difference between PKRA and KSP will be minimal, but KSP events will have more points that PKRA events.

2 – A clause that ensures the world championship title is given away in the events with the most desirable conditions, events which are held though the KSP Professional Wave Tour.
The clause goes like this: “The 2011 World Champion will be determined via the 3 events run by the KSP only. Should any of the KSP events fall under a Force Majeure, meaning any event or circumstance out of the association's control; such as natural catastrophe, war, strike, riot, crime, act of God or any other reason that prevents the KSP from holding an event, the highest ranked PKRA event(s) will be used to bring the number of events to three.”

There are still three wave events on the 2011 PKRA Wave Tour, mainly Tenerife, Australia and South Africa. All riders can join these PKRA events and show their worth. With all PKRA events being open, talented riders have the chance to win points for the world ranking and qualify for KPS events. Entry to KPS events is not open; access to KSP events is regulated. Only the top 8 male and female riders ranked top 4 in the 2010 IKA Wave World Ranking and the 2011 PKRA World Tour can take part in KSP events; they will be offered entries to KSP events automatically. Wildcards will make up the remaining slots in KSP events. There will be a minimum of 6 male and 3 female wildcards. Two male and one female wildcards will be reserved for local competitors. Riders can apply for the remaining wildcards through the IKA office. A jury will take a look at all wildcard requests and decide who wins them.