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PKRA Fuerteventura – The Airstyle Competition Comes to an End

The fifth and final day of the PKRA Fuerteventura brought some amazing Airstyle action on the scene. The riders pumped their 12m kites to make sure that they will take maximum advantage of the 15-25 knots conditions.
Kevin Langeree climbed the double elimination ladder right from the start, with a Double Handle Pass and other classic moves and managed to defeat Paul Serin, Christophe Tack and Nils Wesch before facing Sebastian Garat in the final heat. In the final act, Garat performed some excellent Board-Offs and One-Footers which won him the heat, and the PKRA Airstyle Championship title.

In the women’s category the competition was fierce. Bruna Kajiya, Gisela Pulido, Annabel Van Westerop, Karonlina Winkowska and Wiktoria Rosinska went head to head in a spectacular show. Van Westerop managed to defeat Kajiya early on, but lost in front of Pulido who claimed the championship title with a combination of technical tricks and great One-Footers.

As the competition came to an end, the riders relaxed and reflected on the Fuerteventura amazing action. They will now have to prepare for the upcoming event in China. So far, Alex Pastor (ESP) and Bruna Kajiya (BRA) hold the current first place world rankings and many riders seek to challenge them.

Take a look at some pics from the final day of PKRA Fuerteventura in the video gallery below. Also check some Airstyle action in the related videos section.