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PKRA Presents Alex Neto’s Profile

Hailing from Brazil, Alexandre Neto is one of the most progressive riders on the pro scene. Born in 1993 he has been kiteboarding for nearly a decade. Over the years, Alex trained really hard, pushing his skills to new levels and becoming a world class champ.

The guys at PKRA noticed his evolution and put together a little edit, shot during the Red Sea Kitesurf World CUP, showcasing his impressive skills and his amazing profile.

Alex is currently ranked #3 on the on the PKRA freestyle charts and has a real shot at the overall PKRA champ title this season. He is sponsored by Best, one of the most renowned kiteboarding brands today and his favorite board is the Pro-Creator.

Check out Alex Neto’s video profile below and stay tuned to find out more about his evolution!