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PKRA Presents Liam Whaley’s Profile

Hailing from Spain, Liam Whaley has stepped onto the kiteboarding scene nearly a decade ago. He has proven to be a dedicated and talented rider and he claimed many important prizes in pro competitions over the years.

This season was great for Whaley. He dominated the PKRA tour, battling with elite kitesurfers from all over the world, proving his amazing skills. Just a few days ago, Liam was crowned Barra Grande Kiteboarding Champion in Brazil.

He is currently ranked #2 on the PKRA freestyle chart, and, after winning the Brazil leg of the PKRA Word Tour, he has a real chance at the Overall World Champ title. It all depends on how things unfold in China, in the upcoming days.

The guys at the PKRA have put together a little edit, showcasing Liam Whaley’s profile. It presents the young Spanish rider and his hopes for the future. You can check it out below.