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The Price Is Right Contestant Wins Kiteboarding Gear

Who needs a brand new car, new kitchen appliances and a year’s worth of dinners? Not Dakota, a contestant on The Price Is Right. During the Showcase Showdown, Dakota passed on the opportunity to win all the aforementioned goodies. He gave his opponent Abigail the chance to win the goodies, but sadly she did not win them.

By saying pass to the new car, kitchen appliances and dinners, Dakota got the chance to win some cool kiteboarding gear from Ocean Rodeo, a kiteboarding trip to New Zealand, and a sailboat. And by biding $28,000, Dakota won all the aforementioned kiteboarding goodies. His guess was off by only $551, while Abigail’s guess was off by more than $5K.
A video of Dakota winning the kiteboarding gear, trip and sailboat is available on
Congratulations Dakota, hope you enjoy it!