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The Process – Insight into North Kite and Wave Board Design

The Process is North Kiteboarding’s latest flick that will soon hit the web. It is a clip documenting the process of producing high performance wave kite and boards, gear suited for the most demanding riders out there.

Developing high performance kites and boards to dominate the waves is no easy task, but when North Kiteboarding kite designer Ken Winner and North Kiteboarding wave board shaper and team rider Sky Solbach work together, everything becomes much simpler.

The Process takes a look over the shoulders of these two icons of kitesurfing, to showcase the way in which top-notch R&D work develops into opportunities and passion to make a dream come true. You’ll get an inside view on the daily work of kite and wave board design as never seen before.

As said, the full length clip will be available shortly and looking forward to it. Until then, you can take a sneak peak at what it is all about in the teaser below. Enjoy!