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Progression's Tips for Kiting in Strong Winds

Progression, leading provider of high quality kiteboarding instructional content, has put together a nice article in which it presents a grand total of 5 tips for kiting in very strong winds. The top 5 tips included in the article are as follows:

  • 1 – Keep you kite low, at 45 degrees so that you can fly the kite and not get pulled up.
  • 2 – Edge really hard, so that you can stay in control and reduce your speed.
  • 3 – Adopt the right stance, which in this case means you should use the “power stance” (sit back in your harness and keep your shoulders back and arms slightly bent).
  • 4 – Don’t take stupid chances, take the time to assess the risk factor. Do not go out there if you don’t have the right kite size with you. Instead of going out in strong winds with the wrong kite size, it would be better to just sit back and watch others ride.
  • 5 – Safety is paramount, so before going out there in very strong winds, take the time to double and triple check your gear. As Progression put it, “in strong winds if something is gonna go wrong, its gonna go really wrong.” In strong winds you should get someone to help you launch, and you should not waste time on the beach – head out on the water as soon as the kite is in the air.