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Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Waiting Period Is Close

The waiting period for Red Bull’s Megaloop Challenge is getting closer. Are you ready for it? Ruben Lenten challenges kiteboarders to show their biggest megaloops in the Dutch waters. The window period will be from the 10th of April till the 8th of November, whenever the wind reaches 30 knots or more.

16 riders will compete in this extreme challenge. 8 riders are invited and 8 riders will join them by submitting a video featuring their most crazy loop to win their spot in the competition.

The invited riders so far are: Oli Sweeney, Nico Etienne, Jerrie Van de Kop, Kevin de Smidt, Linus Erdmann, Steven Akkersdijk. Two more other riders will get their invitations soon. Find out more about this awesome event on the official website.