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Red Bull Ragnarok: Hundreds of Riders Participated this Year

The Red Bull Ragnarok competition aims to imitate the Ragnarok legend from Norse mythology. The myth says hat Ragnarok is the final battle between god and evil and that only the toughest heroes will come out alive. The Red Bull Ragnarok competition pits numerous riders against each other and only the best will come on top.

Speaking of the many competitors, this year 200 riders from 25 countries took part in the Red Bull Ragnarok competition, including Aaron Hadlow, Jo Wilson, and Jalou Langee. Out of them all, these ones came on top:

  • Sigve Botnen (snowboard, Ozone)
  • Bjorn Kaupang (ski, F-One)
  • Malin Rupp (women, Liquid Force)

The conditions were worthy of the Ragnarok myth; or as Malin put it, they were fierce. At the start of the competition the wind was light and the sun was shining. Then the wind got stronger and heavy rain started to fall. Then the wind stopped. Malin recounted that she had to walk, run and fight to keep the kite in the air. But then the wind started to blow – quite vigorously. Malin said she had to fight to avoid flying away with the kite. And if that wasn’t enough, the visibility was so bad that you couldn’t see where you were going. Fierce conditions for a competition based on the ultimate battle between good and evil.