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Reo and Keahi Charge the Oahu Surf Breaks

Reo Stevens and Keahi de Aboitiz are two of the best waveriding athletes today. Both of them ride for Cabrinha and both of them love the waves. Hawaii is their home and they love it for its powerful waves that offer the perfect playground for them.

Reo is part of the old school generation and has become one of the highest published wave riders in the industry. Keahi is considered a new generation waterman and has conquered the KSP world champ title two times so far. Both of them feel right at home in the waves.

And they teamed up to charge the heavy Oahu surf breaks to prove their skills and determination and feel the true thrill of riding the waves in for a cool little edit put together by Cabrinha. You can check it out below. It’s packed with cool wave riding action.