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Reo Stevens Charges Teahupo'o at Full Throttle

Teahupo'o is a village on the south-west coast of the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is a heavenly place, perfect for water sports enthusiasts. This location is renowned for its amazing surf break and heavy, glassy waves offshore, often reaching 2 to 3 meters and sometimes up to 7 meters.

It is a place often visited by surfers, but it represents a challenge to all water sports fans. Reo Stevens is one of the athletes that love Teahupo'o. Born and raised on the North Shore of Hawaii, the Cabrinha team rider is familiar with the Teahupo'o awesome tubes. He is perhaps one of the few wave riders that can challenge and dominate them.

He recently took a trip down to Teahupo'o especially to ‘taste’ the challenge of the Hawaiian waves. As he says, he flew down to Tahiti to chase a swell and some wind. What followed was 3 days kiting Teahupo'o!

And you can check it all out in the clip below. Enjoy!