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Richard Branson Welcomes Kiteboarding Passionate Entrepreneurs to the Extreme Tech Challenge

It is a well known fact that Richard Branson (a man who needs no further introduction) is passionate about kitesurfig. And outside of his family he is also passionate about the ocean conservation and using business as a force of good.

Necker Island is Sir Richard’s favorite spot on Earth. After all, he owns it. And he enjoys having interesting people visiting his island all year long. One of his favorite visits is that of the MaiTai Global community. MaiTai Global is a gathering of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes initiated by Susi Mai and Bill Tai.

And Necker MaiTai bings together a non-profit community of entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes who support each other’s ventures as well as championing environmental causes related to the ocean and its ecosystems.
Necker MaiTai traditional conference venues and business card exchanges, in favor of ‘extreme networking’ replete with kitesurfing sessions, therefore it is unique. And this year’s event was one of a kind. It included a Necker-Island-style decathlon, called the Golden Lemur Cup, where 35 people battle it out in areas like game theory, athletic prowess, strategic planning and competitiveness, under the patronage of Richard Branson. And people from all over the world had the chance to present their ideas in areas ranging from aerospace and nanotechnology to real estate.

And Susi Mai, Bill Tai and Richard Branson put their heads together to work out a way to bring the fruits and feel of the event to rest of the world. The result was the Extreme tech Challenge.

You must know that if you are an action driven entrepreneur, you can join the next year’s Necker MaiTai and secure funding and infrastructure for your start-up. Just visit the Extreme Tech Challenge website and present your business idea. Submission deadline is September 30.

The top 10 entrants will get the opportunity to present their business idea live on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and from there three finalists will be invited to Necker MaiTai, where they will showcase their concepts to a panel of judges which will include Sir Richard Branson; Samsung SSIC President, Young Sohn; Red Bull athlete, Felix Baumgartner; CES producer, Gary Shapiro; and Director of Engineering at Facebook, Lars Rasmussen.