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RRD Intros the Obsession Pro MK3

The Obsession PRO MK3 is our new pure blooded PRO freestyle kite.

An evolution of the previous version, the new Obsession Pro MK3 has been refined and was developed with precise input of the freestyle pro team. No compromises were made on the shape and characteristics that distinguish this true freestyle machine.

The Obsession Pro is a pure, fine tuned, 5-Line C-shaped kite, designed to be precise, powerful, or very neutral when needed. We did not leave anything to chance and put the entire structure of the kite kite under intense scrutiny.

Each individual kite size in the range, from 7m to 15m, has a unique diameter leading edge that allows for the correct speed of rotation. The leading edge is progressively increased in diameter towards the smaller sizes to ensure that the speed and handling of each kite in the range feels the same. This is essential for a perfect execution of all the most radical maneuvers. The outside struts were also moved towards the wingtips to increase the turning potential during kiteloops and add to the stability of the new Obsession Pro MK3.

The new short Obsession Pro V7 bar is 7 cms shorter than our standard Global bar and is now 48 cms in total width. It comes equipped with 22 mts flying lines only.

This is the kite for your serious freestyle sessions!