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Seb Garat and Youri Zoon Battle for People's Choice Title

The two PKRA riders to take part and have the chance to win the first ever PKRA People’s Choice title are Sebastien Garat, the RRD-sponsored French rider who finished 6th this year on the PKRA Freestyle World Tour, and Youri Zoon, the Slingshot-sponsored Dutch rider who placed 1st - the current Freestyle Champion.

It wasn’t the PKRA who decided that these two riders should battle it out for the People’s Choice title. It was the community who decided. The People’s Choice is more about the people than the riders. The people got to vote who will have the chance to win the title – they chose Seb Garat and Youri Zoon. Now the people will decide which of the two will win the title.

Go to and check out a video that presents Seb and Youri ride side by side. Once you've made up your mind, cast your vote for the one you like best (please note that you have to be signed into your Facebook account to vote). The voting period is of 48 hours, from December 5th until December 7th. Here’s an incentive to go and vote – you could win a Kahoona V3 kite from Best Kiteboarding. Click the thumbnails in the related videos section below to check out the Kahoona V3 kite.

Right now, Youri has more votes than Seb and seems like the favorite to win the first ever People’s Choice title. But there’s still time for things to change. We’ll just have to wait and see who wins. The important thing is that you go and vote!