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Shannon Best Leaves Best Kiteboarding

Best Kiteboarding has been founded back in 2003 by World Wakeboarding Champion Shannon Best, Alex Shogren and Jeff Beige. Right from the start the company has been driven by passion and love for kiteboarding and pursued a strong dedication to the consumer. Over the years, Best has become one of the industry leaders in kiteboarding and has pioneered the design and manufacturing aspects of kiteboarding gear as well as the distribution and customer care techniques.

The company has announced that Shannon Best, the co-founder and the one to give his name to the brand, will leave his day-to-day role with Best, in order to pursue new opportunities within the consumer sports industry, effective October 1st. After nine years with Best, time in which he built one of the strongest brands on the market, Shannon will head towards other water sports enterprises.

Shannon Best provided more than a name for his company; he has significantly contributed to building a brand that has become synonym with kiteboarding lifestyle. The Best team wishes him great success in his future projects and gives him warm thanks for his commitment to the brand and to kiteboarding.