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Sky Sailing with Damien LeRoy

Professional kiteboarder and Cabrinha team rider Damien LeRoy discovered kiteboarding back in 1999. This great sport soon turned into a burning passion and a lifestyle. His skills and talent as a pro rider are renowned today.

Over the years, kiteboarding has taken him all over the globe and in the last years, Damien has been on the podium in many different disciplines, from freestyle to course racing to speed and slalom racing. In 2011 alone, Damien was awarded the slalom world champion title and the Kitesurfing Athlete of the Year title.

Damien is on a constant search for a new thrill and is always pushing the limits of the sport to new frontiers. In his latest adventure, Damien thought that a little sky sailing on the Owlone Seaglider would be something new and unique.

Created by Designer’s Stephane Rousson and minh-lôc Truong, the Owlone Seaglider is a device that allows you to kite without touching the water. It’s like flying over the water surface, powered by your kite.
We bet it’s an awesome experience. You can check out Damien putting the Owlone Seaglider to the test in the clip below.