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Slingshot Presents the Alien Air

The Alien Air is Slingshot’s new foilboarding machine. It is a directional board packed with the NF2 Foil, designed for all aspects of foiling. It is built using Wood Veneer Sandwich construction with durable carbon composite rails with strut reinforcements.

The board features a chined rail bottom feature which helps reduce drag if the board touches the water while aggressively edging through big chop. Furthermore, it features a concave deck, full deck pad, and footstrap inserts.

At the same time, the NF2 foil sets the standard for quality and performance in freeride foils. It is designed to offer a balanced feel, nice speed and smooth control. It is built using a durable hybrid carbon Kevlar construction.

You can check out the features of the Alien Air and the NF2 Foil in the clips below. Enjoy!