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Slingshot Presents the Reinvented Rally Kite

Kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and SUP equipment manufacturer Slingshot has recently presented the reinvented 2013 Rally kite.

Meant to be used by the surf and freeride enthusiasts, the 4-line crossover Rally kite has been completely reinvented and reengineered for 2013. The kite comes with a new bridle configuration, new Connect Forward attachment points, and Reflex wingtip technology. To ensure it can take a beating, it comes with a reinforced trailing edge and surf tough construction.

According to Slingshot, the 2013 Rally is “a kite in a class of its own”. It has instant de-power, maximum range, it’s easy to handle, and can be relaunched effortlessly.

Slingshot Rally 2013 Main Features

  • Open Delta-C design platform - it blends the core C kite performance with the latest advancements in 4-line technology.
  • Splitstrut integrated design – it integrates the strut and canopy into one rigid wind. This translates into a more stable kite that’s more durable.
  • Connect Forward – single point steering line for optimal plug and play convenience.
  • Reflex Wingtip – provides faster turns, improved aerodynamics, increased rigidity, and enhanced stability.
  • New pulley-less bridle configuration – for enhanced responsiveness, better upwind performance, a direct feel, and precise control.
  • New trailing edge shape – it reduces flutter and enhances stability.
  • Tri-tech protection – top materials strategically placed to optimize durability.
  • Surf tough seams.
  • Legendary Slingshot construction.
  • Patented One Pump technology.
  • Lifetime rider support hotline.

Additional information on the 2013 Rally kite is available here.

A video presentation of the 2013 Rally is available below.