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Slingshot Presents the Wave SST

The Wave SST is a new addition to the Slingshot kite lineup for 2016. It is a radical kite built for serious riders and designed specifically for surf, but which also excels at easy-going strapless and foil rides.

The Wave SST features a compact-C profile, a condensed version of Slingshot’s revolutionary IRS bridal system, Split Strut integration and serious Surf Tough construction upgrades. The kite’s innoovative design provides serious downwind drift, unbelievable turning speed even when fully sheeted-out and a feather-light feel when shredding down the line, slashing faces and bottom turning.

As the guys at Slingshot say, the Wave SST will take serious kite surfers to new heights, and depths, in the pursuit for the ultimate ride. You can check it out in action, piloted by Patrick Rebstock, Reed Brady and Jeff Trauba riding in Santa Cruz, California in the clip below.