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Slingshot Is Ready to Launch the New 2014 Gear

When it comes to water sports, Slingshot is one of the most competitive brands in the world. All of their products offer top quality and performance. Well, the guys at Slingshot Kiteboarding are ready to launch the new 2014 line of gear. And since their kiteboard products are made with a focus on quality innovations that change the way people ride, we expect the new gear to be amazing.

The elite riders on the Slingshot team, like Sam Light, Karolina Winkowska, Mauricio Abreau, Alex Fox, Eric Reinstra and many others guarantee that the latest Slingshot gear will offer the highest performance for all riders.

The 2014 Slingshot global kite product release is scheduled for the 12th of July. Until the new product line hits the stores, you can take a glimpse at it in the Slingshot 2014 teaser available below.