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Smooth – Featuring Annelous Lammerts

Hailing from the Netherlands, Annelous Lammerts felt in love with kiteboarding back in 2009. Ever since discovering the sport, she became a passionate and dedicated rider. Her talent and hard training turned her into one of the best riders today and won her important international titles by now.

A quick word from her: “I am always trying new things on the water and I love the feeling that I have when I land a new trick, it’s like the feeling I had when I made my first meters on the board. Just the best feeling of the world!”
Annelous is part of the Slingshot family and one of her weapon of choice is the powerful and versatile RPM kite.

From free riders to the world’s best competition kiteboarders the RPM has always delivered consistency in all conditions, no matter the location. Team Rider Annelous Lammerts relies on this stability in her kite of choice as she makes her way around the world pursuing a world championship.

Check her out as she puts the kite to some serious work in the clip below.