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Spotfav – Your Meto Reporting Friendly App

Spotfav is a realtime meteo reporting system for outdoor sports and activities. It grants you access to HD web cameras and meteo stations for your favorite spots in order to allow you enjoy a perfect session. It works as a community, offering HD live webcams all over Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Morocco, Egypt and Switzerland. The number of cams is rising constantly and spreading to spots all over the world. Pretty soon it will cover the entire Globe.

Spotfav was created by kiteboarding legend Jaime Herraiz and his friend Miguel de Lucas. It all started as a funny idea for local spots in Tarifa, but soon evolved into a worldwide project. At the moment, Spotfav offers 24 spots in Spain, one in Italy, two cams in Austria and six in Germany, all at official kitespots. Accessing Spotfav, you get the highest quality in webcams, with details of the weather development and a large community of people sharing their experiences or meeting up for a session.

Spotfav is available on iOS and Android. You can get it via iTunes or Google Play. To find out more about this cool app and download it, please visit the official website.