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Stranded in Hood River with Ewan Jaspan

Stranded is the project of Ewan Jaspan and Alexander James Lewis-Hughes, a movie that showcases the riders’ talent, but also the amazing beauty of Hood River.

A quick word from Ewan: “This project took a lot of time and effort to film. We had planned to film in the last 10 days of the trip, but niether Alex or myself had tried to make a video part in Hood before, and didn't forsee how difficult it was going to be to get everything to line up for each shot. Most of the time we ended up coming in with no shots whatsoever as the wind would shut off, go 'offshore', pick up to 35 knots, or even at times there was next to no water to ride in due to the dams holding it back.

We ended up pushing ourselves pretty hard to get some good clips; I remember trying for hours in terrible wind, just to find a decent gust to get a good HSFS9. I took so many crashes and finally stomped a clean on with 1% battery left on the camera, after being told, 'this is the last shot of the battery'. That was a pretty good moment. All in all I'm really happy with how it turned out, Alex has a very unique way of filming and I think this footage has a very different feel to most other clips on the internet, and we hope you enjoy it!”

So… enjoy!