User login Has an Interesting Idea on Making Kiteboards Better

When equipment manufacturers talk about making a kiteboard better, they often say they made improvements to the way the board handles, that they used more durable, resilient materials, or that they made the board even easier to use. Those are all good things of course. Boards should get better and better over time., online site that provides surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and bodyboarding news, has an interesting idea on what would make kiteboards better.’s proposal is to put waterproof sound speakers and an MP3 player in the board. This way the rider can enjoy the waves, the wind, and the sounds of his favorite tracks.

“Today, it's easy to get six waterproof sound speakers and MP3 player. They're light and could easily be embedded in a kiteboard. Whether you're a Coldplay, Iron Maiden or Johann Sebastian Bach fan, it's to enjoy a kitesurfing session with your favourite songs,” said