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Toby Braeuer Presents Airstyle

Toby Braeuer has recently released a video that presents the brand new world championship discipline, Airstyle. The video is available for watching right here on Epikoo, in the related videos section below. I am not going to give anything away as the video is just too awesome to miss. Enjoy!

The new discipline was unveiled this June and the first Airstyle competition is currently being held in Germany, as part of the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup. The first trial heats were run on day 5 of the PKRA event in St Peter Ording.

When the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) introduced the new Airstyle discipline, it had the following to say about it:

“This exciting new discipline will include old school hooked-in tricks such as board-offs, one-footers, and big airs. These maneuvers, which remain noticeably missing from the standard freestyle competitions, will enjoy a resurgence with the addition of this discipline, allowing riders the chance to compete at the World Championship level.”