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Toby Braeuer Presents Airstyle Crashes

Toby Braeuer is passionate about Airstyle, a style he thinks has been forgotten for many years, although it is what drives many athletes pick up kiteboarding. In his opinion, Airstyle is the discipline that gets the most "wows" on the beach, with its unique tricks.

That is why Toby has put together the AIRSTYLE - Strictly Hooked DVD with 666 tricks, a compilation of airstyle kiteboarding footage that will inspire all riders out there.

It was not quite an easy task to put together this flick, as Toby suffered several tough crashes while filming for the DVD. And you can see the painful part of filming the AIRSTYLE - Strictly Hooked DVD in the related videos section below. Kiteboarding is not always about big airs and having fun. Crashes are part of the sport.

A quick word from Toby: “See a fun video of the crashes during filming of the Airstyle - Strictly Hooked DVD with 666 tricks. I got lucky in 1.5 years of filming; hurt only my rib and my foot once. One week of pain, pretty much the same time. Both crashes are in this video... guess which ones they are ;-)”