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Top PKRA and Extreme Elements International Figure Resigns

The VP and Media Director of the PKRA, Paul H. Caswell decided to resign from the position he held with the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association. He also decided to resign from the President position he held with Extreme Elements International, leading video production and internet distribution company that Caswell co-founded.

Why did Caswell resign? In a letter he sent PKRA President Mauricio Toscano, Caswell said that he felt his work with the PKRA was done and that it was time for him to leave. Here are his actual words:
“Working with the PKRA has been challenging, exciting and often times difficult. But, throughout my tenure at the organization, I’ve constantly been sustained by the brilliance and commitment of both the athletes and people I’ve had the honor to work with. My passion has always been kiteboarding and my hope and desire was to help grow the sport from what it was into something great as it is today. I feel that through all my hard work and dedication this has finally come to fruition, so I feel it is time to move on.”

When asked to comment about Caswell leaving the PKRA, Mauricio Toscano had the following to say:
“Paul Caswell is a remarkable athlete and a passionate kiteboarder. He joined the PKRA at a critical time, when the sport of kiteboarding was just in its infancy. Paul helped push the PKRA’s credibility to new heights and kiteboarding’s recognition by diligently helping promote the sport worldwide. Through his remarkable foresight he established the PKRA as the first professional kiteboarding tour to offer course racing, which has helped grow the sport to where it is today. His relentless efforts, vision and dedication while working with the PKRA since 2004 is greatly appreciated”.

As for leaving Extreme Elements International, Caswell cited personal reasons for doing so. Full control of the company now falls in the hands of Caswell’s business partner, Jeremie Lecaudey.