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Triple-S Invitational 2012 Day 4: Shines in Full Form

As co-creator and competitor on the Triple-S Invitational Jason Slezak put it, the conditions on day 4 allowed the event to “shine in full form.” Thanks to the good conditions sessions for all three disciplines, Surf, Slicks, and Sliders, were held on day 4.

Jason Slezak again:
“With the northeast wind, we loaded up both the Naish and Slingshot kickers and moved the event to Kite Point, which provided the perfect venue for spectators to watch the pros up close. Going huge off of the kickers and stomping big powered inverts in the flat water, everyone threw down for the two-hour-long Slick/Slider heats.”

After that the Triple-S competitors and the spectators moved a couple miles to the south. Or to put it in other words, the high-intensity action was moved further south to take advantage of Cape Hatteras’ exposure to the Atlantic Ocean. At the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, from 5 to 7PM, the riders competed in the Surf discipline.

“There were huge smiles on all the riders faces as they hit the water to shred the waist-to-shoulder-high lefts in the warm green waters of the Atlantic,” said Slezak. “After completing two hour long heats, many of the riders, in true Triple-S fashion, rode all the way to dark through a beautiful Cape Hatteras sunset.”

It’s not a Triple-S night if it isn’t a party night – an 80’s themed party kicked off when the sun went down. DTS & the Moneybags took the stage and entertained the crowd.