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The guys at Manera are proud to present their latest kiteboarding movie: Valhalla. It is about pushing the boundaries of the sport to new levels. Paradise is often pictured as a deserted tropical island, a private and mysterious place that exudes comfort and warmth. Every kitesurfer dreams of coconut trees, blue lagoons, sunshine and a warm breeze. Except, Manera riders landed on a completely different island: Iceland.

A quick word from them: “We thought there would be just as much to discover on this remote island as there is on the deserted and exotic beaches you see on postcards. We were looking for thrills and wanted to reconnect with the feelings of our beginnings, feel that pure pleasure again that only kitesurfing can bring. Travelling far to the North, getting out of our comfort zone, and exploring new lands with a truck full of equipment seemed like the perfect ingredients for an adventure.

We found a very different paradise.”

Check out the full movie below.