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Video Recap of Youri's 2011 Season

Here’s a quick one for fans of Slingshot-sponsored Dutch pro kitesurfer Youri Zoon: equipment manufacturer Mystic has released a video that recaps Youri’s 2011 PKRA Season. You can view the video by clicking the thumbnail in the related videos section below.

If you follow the 2011 PKRA World Tour, you know that this is the first time that Youri won the World Championship Title – the Freestyle World Champion Title that is.. It is a great achievement for a great rider.

It deserves mentioning that Youri won every event on the PWA World Tour. There’s one more event on the PKRA World Tour, mainly the one that will take place in New Caledonia from the 30th of November until December 4th. Color me unsurprised if Youri wins it as well.