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Wainman Smoke Is One of the Best Kites You Could Get

The 9m Wainman Smoke 2010 kite is described by its manufacturer as a kite that is “an absolute must for every rider’s quiver.” It’s only natural that Wainman Hawaii would talk highly of its merchandise. But the simple truth of the matter is that the manufacturer isn’t blowing smoke in our eyes when it says the Smoke one of the best kites you could get.

Proof comes from SBC Kiteboarding, who in its review talked highly about the kite. In the review’s conclusion SBC said “the Smoke is a versatile design with compact shape, simple bridles and performance that can be appreciated by anyone.”

Want more proof? Even more proof that the Smoke is a must-have kite comes from the readers of IKSURF International Magazine. The readers cast their votes as part of the IKSURF Reader Awards 2010 and they selected the Smoke for the Best Kite of 2010 Award. You can read all about it in issue 25 – go directly to page 139.

Even more proof comes from Epikoo readers who submitted their reviews. You can read them yourself on the Smoke 2010 page right here on Epikoo.