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Watch a Video, Answer a Question, Win CrazyFly Gear

Today I’ve found out that you can take part in a competition run by CrazyFly Kiteboarding and have the chance of wining a 2011 Sculp kite or a 2011 Raptor Pro LTD board. In the past I’ve reported that you can enter a competition to win a 2011 Airush Lithium or another competition to win a 17m Taboo. If none of these suit your fancy, you could enter this third competition and have your pick between a Sculp or a Raptor Pro LTD.

To enter the CrazyFly competition you have to do two things:
1. Watch this video.
2. Provide a correct answer to this question: Which 2011 kite models and in which color versions is CrazyFly rider Boris Judin using in the video? CrazyFly said, and I quote that during the making of the video “Boris Judin was using all 2011 CrazyFly kite models, but not all images were used in the final version of the video. You have to find the right answer for yourself.”

All answers must be sent via email to CrazyFly at The email (only one per contestant) must contain your full name and full address so that CrazyFly will know where to ship the prize, should you win it. All participants will be entered into a draw and on the 15th of April the winner will be selected.