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What to Do with Old Kiteboarding Gear

If your level of riding has progressed and you switched to new, better gear, or if you bought some new gear and you don’t know what to do with the old stuff, take heed to the advice provided by the GKF (Global Kiter Foundation)

Sometimes kiters can get attached to their gear and have problems letting go – that is of no good to anyone. That gear will just gather dust in some storage space. It would be better to put let someone else use that gear if you’re not going to. What the GKF advises is that instead of storing your old gear away, you donate it. You could give it to a youth program (they can take the material and use it to teach youngsters to make one-line kites) or to an organization like Kiters 4 Communities (locals turn old kites into bags and accessories and sell them to support the local community).

You could use your old gear to have some fun with your children or nephews – that’s another advice from the GKF. You can use the strong and lightweight material kites are made of to come up with something fun. The only limitation here is your imagination.

In these harsh economic times you may not want to sell your old gear. That’s okay! If it is in good condition, you could sell it on. A novice may be very happy to get gear that is in good condition for a reasonable price.

If by some chance you have some unused gear that you would like to get rid of, the GKF has a great idea that I am more than happy to stand behind: you could donate the gear to support the GKF’s fundraising efforts. Epic Kites owner Dimitri Maramenides donated a brand new 2010 Epic Screamer 9m kite to help the GKF raise money that will be used to develop workshops for impoverished youth and people with disabilities. You too could help by purchasing a raffle ticket. The money you spend on the ticket goes towards helping the GKF, and for each ticket you buy you have a chance to win the aforementioned Epic Screamer kite. More info on the raffle is available here.