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Will Kiteboarding Be Included in the 2020 Olympics?

After the kiteboarding community was disappointed with the fail to include kiteboarding in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio as an official discipline, they have their eyes set on the 2020 Olympics. In its way to the Olympic Games, this great sport will be showcased in the ISAF Sailing World Cup Grand Final 2014, in Abu Dhabi as a demonstration for Olympic Games officials.

20 male and female course race kiteboarders will compete before a representative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), hoping to receive recommendation and inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And we are happy that the IKA continues to lobby and make presentations to the IOC to secure the future of the sport.

Markus Schwendtner, IKA CEO explains: “In broadcasting terms that makes it much easier as you can have commercial breaks between heats. It sounds funny, or silly. But for the IOC, it's a big issue to make it work for television.

Riders arguing against short track tend to come from a sailing background and are perhaps more conservative. Those who came from freestyle are more open to change and like the fast-paced Short Track. But I think the vast majority is very positive.”

We sure hope that the efforts IKA and the kiteboarding community put in turning this incredible sport into an official Olympic discipline are successful.