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Win A Naish Park Contest Over, the Winner Is...

Back in September we were reporting that internationally renowned kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Naish is giving everyone the chance to win an awesome Naish Park 2012 kite. All you had to do to have a chance at winning the kite was to visit a webpage and provide out a bit of information about yourself. You had to do that until the 1st of October, the last day of competition.

The news isn’t that Naish ran a contest – the news is that the contest is over and a winner has been picked. The name of the lucky winner who will get to enjoy a brand new Naish Park 2012 kite is, drum rolls please, Thomas Gautier. Here is what Thomas had to say about himself when Naish told him that he won the competition and asked him to introduce himself:

“What can I say about myself? My name is Thomas and I'm a young french man from Paris. For as long as I can remember, I have always practiced wind sports. I'm originally from Brittany, France and I used to sail a lot in my youth. Later, I took up windsurfing and paragliding, then six years ago, I came naturally to kiteboarding.”

“Living in Paris, I can't ride as much as I would like, but I regularly go to Normandy (Berneville, FranceVille). The spots I like the most are in Brittany - from Quiberon to La Torche and outside of France, Cabo Verde was the best place I ever been to kite. My favorite way to kite is freeriding and waves, and the thing I like the most, after a good windy and sunny session, is listening to Wish You Were Here by Alpha Blondy! I called my local shop to find out more about the 2012 Park, and it is said to be a very, very good one. I'm very impatient to try it! Many thanks to all at Team Naish..."

The “Win a Park” contest is now over. I feel for you if you did not win. But I have some good news: Naish is giving you the chance to win some other cool gear. Check out this article to get the scoop.

For additional information on the Naish Park 2012 kite, check out the kite’s webpage here and a review on Epikoo here. You may also want to check out the video in the related videos section below.