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“Wind that Works” Program by GKF Was a Huge Success

The Global Kiter Foundation, an organization dedicated to promote kiteboarding to people all around the world, held its first major event in Greece on the 28th of July. The workshop was held in Vravrona, near Athens and it aimed to introduce people with disabilities to this great sport. It was organized with the help of 2S Paramedical Equipment LTD.

The participants were assisted at this workshop by experienced instructors and by pro rider and champ Dimitris Maramenides. Six people with disabilities participated at the event, and for three hours they were thought the principles of kiteboarding as well as basic maneuvers. At the end of the workshop they could fly the kites all by themselves and they were impressed by the beauty of kiteboarding.

And since the Global Kiter Foundation is actively involved in raising environmental awareness as well, it has also organized a beach cleanup. For another three hours, the GKF members together with a team of volunteers from Google Greece removed all the garbage from the beach. It wasn’t an easy task, since they had to pick up used tires, shoes and even a carpet, but they have done a great job. At the end of the day, even if the GKF team, the volunteers and the workshop participants were tired, they were happy that they have successfully accomplished their tasks and had fun at the same time.

The words of Sandrine Roussos Werner, co-founder of GKF concluded the event: “We could not have hoped for a better event and I have rarely met such a good spirited and motivated group of people. We thank everyone for their participation!”