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Woo Sports – Get in the Game

The guys at Woo Sports, passionate kiteboarders and action sports athletes that share a common vision, as well as hardcore engineers and professionals, invite you to be a part of the biggest online kiteboarding game this season through the WOO performance tracker.

The tracker records every jump from your session and is easy to use. Clip on the WOO to your board and capture each jump’s height, airtime, and landing g-force and then download your sessions via Bluetooth with the WOO Kite App and see how you stack up with other riders at your home beach or spots around the world. WOO uses one button for all recording operations. Press and hold to turn on and off. Tap to start and stop recording when on.

Join over 500,000 kiters around the world to boost bigger, ride more and push the sport to new heights! Check out how the gadget works in the clip below.