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World Record Cliff Jump with Kitesurfing Kite

Jumping off a cliff with a kitesurfing specific kite is not only taking extreme to a new level, but it also sounds crazy.

Well, pro kiter and seasoned snowkiter Marek “Murphy” Zach did it. He jumped from a 909 meters cliff in Gokova, Turkey, using the Ozone C4 14m kite. And he set a new world record. An insane, but amazing one we might add.

Marek has extensive experience in extreme sports involving kites and done countless jumps off cliffs using snow kites. Before attempting this stunt, he consulted with the local paragliders, he instepcted the site, monitored the weather and winds forecast and visualized the jump in his mind several times.

And everything went smooth thanks to the steady winds and Murphy’s know how. The whole “flight” took him a little under 9 minutes, before landing safely at the bottom of the cliff. And you can check out Marek’s record cliff jump in the crazy clip below.