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Your Chance to Win a Kite from Peter Lynn Kitesports

Equipment manufacturer Peter Lynn announced that it plans to introduce new leading edge inflatable (LEI) kites and new snowkites and it also plans to introduce new kites in the Twinsking range. Basically, Peter Lynn will introduce new kites for all the major kiting disciplines – which is great news all on its own.

The even greater news is that you could win a brand new kite from Peter Lynn. You could win a brand new LEI kite or a new snowkite or a new Twinskin kite that is great for all-terain kiting. To do so you need only take part in the One Brand – All disciplines competition that Peter Lynn is running on its Facebook page.

The rules of the competition are quite simple: you have until the 21st of December to come up with a name for one of Peter Lynn’s upcoming kites. If your name is selected, you win the competition.

To take part in the competition you must like Peter Lynn’s Facebook page and you must provide your choice for a kite name here.

To help you out in your endeavor to come up with an adequate name, Peter Lynn provided this insight into the brand:
Peter Lynn is about adventure and pushing personal boundaries. Whether you want to cross the desert, win a competition or just learn a new set of tricks. For that Peter Lynn develops high performing designs that work best for the intended use and discipline. Being different can be a good thing. Peter Lynn takes its own path… on any terrain. Peter Lynn likes all kite sports from powerkiting to kitesurfing, from snowkiting to buggykiting and landboarding.

The name you come up with must fit in with the Peter Lyn Brand. Good luck!