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Youri Zoon RECORDED: Episode 4 Is Here

The 4th episode of the Youri Zoon RECORDED series has been released to the public. This episode is entitled “Being at Home”, and as the name so adequately points out, the episode focuses on Youri unwinding at home. Everyone needs to unwind from time to time, especially someone like Youri who is one the road more than 250 days per year.

You can check out episode 4 “Being at Home” by clicking here. If you want to check out the other three episodes, click their title in the paragraph below.

In the first episode, entitled “Search for Shape”, you can see Youri training in Australia and pushing hard to get in shape for the 2011 season. In the second episode, entitled “Aiming High”, we see how determined Youri is to become world champion. In the third episode, entitled “Development”, we see how Youri’s involvement in testing and developing kiteboarding gear makes a difference.

Don’t forget that the Youri Zoon RECORDED series has a special page on Mystic’s official site here and on Brunotti’s official site here.