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Zane Schweitzer Is the 2016 Master of the Ocean

Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer for successfully defending his title of Master of the Ocean in the Overall category for the second consecutive year. Talented as he is, Zane finished first in the Windsurfing division, second in standup paddle surfing division, third in the surfing division and fourth in kiting, with his sister Shelby Schweitzer finishing second in the Women's division.

A quick word from Zane: “Coming back to the Dominican Republic is such a treat for me, it's always nice to see familiar faces and reconnect with friends on my travels, the people along with experiences are truly what makes trips like this special. Cabarete calls for the gathering of an epic group of passionate and talented watermen, especially when the Master of the Ocean is on in town! Every day with the #MasterOfTheOcean is the best day ever for me; hanging out at the beach all day surfing all the wave riding vehicles that the conditions will allow us to and being pushed by our friends.

When training for this event since last years’ competition my sister, Shelby Schweitzer was inspired to also start picking up her experience and skills in her windsports, since she already is a ripper in surf and standup paddle surfing she was confident for a good result! What's so special about this competition is that it pushes us athletes to not only excel in our strong suits, but more importantly motivates us to be experienced all around, even if that means we get to become a kook again and learn from a lower level of experience than we are used to in our area of expertise. There are not many people in the world that have become an expert in the 4 major surf sports of the world; surf, standup paddle surf, windsurf and kitesurf, but if there is anyone close to it, they most likely are competing here at the Master of the Ocean!”