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Nobile 50fifty 2010

Nobile 50fifty 2010

Kiteboard Model: 50fifty
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
139 x 40cm
140 x 41cm
141 x 43cm

  • Wood Core – wood is a strong yet lightweight material that has plenty of flex and pop.
  • 3D Construction Mould – the board’s brand new 3D construction mould allows for more advanced flex control. The 3D construction mould ensures the board doesn’t catch by maintaining stiffness along its length and preventing any flattening of the rocker on impact. The 3D construction mould makes for smoother landings.
  • 3D Top Mould – precisely controls the end to end as well as the torsional flex; also controls the movement in the board’s various flex zones.
  • Durability – the manufacturer guarantees the board is kicker and slider proof. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee against breakage.
  • Comfort – for a more comfortable and stable riding position, the board comes with wider stance options.
  • Fins – the board features smaller fins for looseness and control on landing
  • Fin Shims – the Fin Shims make for a stronger fin/board connection. The Fin Shims protect the board from damage by distributing the load from the heads of the screws across the wider surface of the deck. The fin screws are longer to ensure deeper penetration and reduce the chances of losing/damaging fins.
  • UV Resistant Foils – these foils ensure that 6 months on, the board looks just as good as the day you brought it home from the shops.
  • Complete Anti-Vibration Control – Nobile uses advanced core materials and laminates to create a board that offers exceptional comfort and control.
  • Hydrodynamic Rocker Line – the low drag rocker lets the water maintain its direction of travel along the board’s bottom. The board’s rocker has been designed to let the board maintain its performance even in difficult conditions and to reduce spray.
  • Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline – on the heel-side rail, the outline has more grip, better upwind performance, and maximum pop; on the toe-side, the curve radius has been increased and the fins have been brought closer to the rider’s feet in order to improve the carving potential and make it more comfortable on the rider while riding switch and while holding the edge.
  • IFS Pro Footstrap Pad System – an ergonomically formed, triple-density, moulded pad that absorbs shocks and makes for a smooth ride without compromising the direct feel of the board.

Kite and board manufacturer Nobile realized that a traditional freestyle board cannot meet the needs of the wakestyle riding enthusiast. So the manufacturer set out to create a pure wakestyle board – what Nobile came up with is the 50fifty board.

The 2010 50fifty board is similar to the boards in the 2010 NHP range in that it features the same 3D deck shape and channels. The 3D shape and the channels allow for accurate control of the flex between the longitudinal axis and cross axis. But as mentioned above, the 2010 50fifty is meant to be a wakestyle board – consequently it is stiffer overall.

When it comes to pop, the 50fifty has plenty of it. Nobile has increased the radius of the curve on the board’s outline and in the board’s rocker to achieve maximum pop without using the kite for lift. Nobile also opted for an all wood core, wood being a strong, durable material with plenty of flex and pop.

Jumping high is tons of fun; tripping over the tips when you land, not so much. This is something that will never happen while using the 50fifty board. Nobile was able to put smaller fins on the board thanks to the all new 3D construction. Consequently tripping over the tips during high speed landings is a thing of the past.

The bottom line is that the 2010 50fifty board is a pure wakestyle board that has tons of pop, is easy to control at high speeds, lands smoothly, and carves aggressively. You can ride this board strapped in or strapless.

The 2010 50fifty board is the board of choice for KPWT event winner, Mike Blomvall. After testing the 2010 50fifty board, Kiteworld Magazine testers said they would not change anything about it. They said the 2010 50fifty board is a top performer and “amongst the boards of the year for us come the final reckoning.”

In issue 25, the KSURF International Magazine, said the Nobile 50Fifty won the Best Twin Tip Board of 2010 award as part of the KSURF Readers Awards 2010. You can read issue 25 here. In issue 25, the IKSURF International Magazine (, said the Nobile 50Fifty won the Best Twin Tip Board of 2010 award as part of the IKSURF Readers Awards 2010. You can read issue 25 here.