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Nobile Shinn Wave

Nobile Shinn Wave 2008

Kiteboard Model: Shinn Wave
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Board sizes

Size: Length 148cm Width 44cm Fin G10 Epoxy

  • Snowboard-style construction with a high-flex composite core.
  • Three-step tail design that is unique in the business.
  • Progressive concave design.
  • Tucked ABS rails
  • Preattached 12mm pads with a new dedicated wave strap
  • 6 to 8cm G10 fins
  • Board bag

Designed and developed over one year to make wave sailing as accessible and fun as possible through the application of advanced flex control and snowboard construction techniques.
One can use the board as a dedicated directional or 60/40 twin, it's your choice.
Perfect board for both beginner waveriders and lot's of fun for experts as well.

What we like about this board

  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • You can achieve excellent acceleration and glide thanks to the board’s flat tail rocker.
  • During bottom turns the board flexes comfortably. This translates into smooth, powerful turns. In the surf the board proves to be just as smooth and easy to control.
  • Small but practical, especially when turning in small surf.
  • You can ride more aggressively if you set up the straps in a wider stance.

Size: Length 148cm Width 44cm Fin G10 Epoxy