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North Jaime 2010

North Jaime 2010

Kiteboard Model: Jaime
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: North
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width
129cm x 39cm
132cm x 40cm
135cm x 41cm
137cm x 43cm

  • Excellent for new school freestyle tricks and freeriding
  • Great upwind ability
  • Comfortable and easy to ride
  • Responsive Center Flex
  • 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich
  • Tons of pop
  • An easy to control board
  • G10 S-Bend FS Fins
  • ABS protection sidewall
  • 3D footpads and 3D Vario foot straps
  • Covered in a shock-resistant, scratch-resistant foil
  • Glossy finish

The 2010 Jaime is similar to the 2010 Team Series in that both models offer great new school performance. Out on the water the two boards feel very similar. The main difference is that the Team Series has a squared outline and slightly more aggressive flex; the Jaime has a rounder tail outline and a slightly softer flex, which translates to a smoother ride in the chop and a looser feel when turning.

There is a very good reason why the Jaime does not have such an aggressive flex as the Team Series – Jaime is also meant to be a properly good freeride board, not just a new school freestyle performer like the Team Series. To the passionate freerider the 2010 Jaime will offer a comfortable ride, early panning, and speed. To the passionate freestyle rider the 2010 Jaime will offer tons of pop and grip.

The 2010 Jaime features G10 S-Bend FS fins that are fast, offer directional stability and pop. The best part is that these fins engage quicker after fast landings.

Why would you want to get the 2010 Jaime? You would want to get this particular model if you are looking for a top quality board that offers all-round performance. The board offers lots of pop for freestyle tricks, it is very smooth in the chop, and handles very well in gusty conditions (because it planes early and has incredible upwind ability).

It all boils down to the fact that for years now the Jaime model has been the cornerstone of the North twin-tip lineup because it offers all-round performance for all-terrain freeriding, freestyle and new-school riding.