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Wind sports become more and more popular with each season. A huge number of people become more interested in kiteboarding, windsurfing, SUP or related sports. The Association of Wind Sport Industries was founded to support them and care for their needs as well as to represent manufacturers, retailers and schools which deal with wind related sports. The AWSI is headquartered in Hood River, USA and it is a non-profit organization. Membership fees as well as other donations go to support the members’ and the association’s activities.

AWSI Objectives:
- Promote the safe practice of kiteboarding
- Educate the public on kiteboarding practice and safety
- Support the industry growth
- Encourage young people pick up kiteboarding
- Protect water and beach access

The AWSI is a very complex organization. Apart from the fact that it supports the needs of riders and promotes kiteboarding it has the mission to care for other industry professionals. It constantly tries to improve industry growth and profitability through social events and competitions or through the media. Membership is available for kiteboarding fans, manufacturers, dealers or schools and the annual fee differs depending on membership type.  Benefits include insurance, shipping discounts, credit card processing and more.