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The International Kiteboarding Organization or IKO is the largest kiteboarding organization it the world and it was founded in 2011. The main mission is to promote this great extreme sport all over the Globe. The organization aims to enhance the quality standards of kiteboarding and create a constructive interaction between all parties involved in the development of this sport.

The IKO has over 130 affiliated centers in 38 countries, over 4000 instructors and 20 examiners. Over 400.000 kiteboarders all over the world have an IKO certification and almost 40.000 new kiteboarders get their IKO certification each year.

The International Kiteboarding Organization offers online courses to its members and not only and helps create a bond between all kiteboarders. Courses include kitesurfing, snowkiting and powerkiting for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders of all ages. It also offers instructor certifications for the above mentioned disciplines. The Master Trainer or Training Master is the highest certification an instructor can get after following a well established qualification route.

Apart from instructor and rider certifications, the IKO offers instructional books and DVDs as well as a large collection of clothing and accessories through the IKO Official Kiteboarding Store.