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The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) represents the most prestigious Kiteboarding Tour in the World. The association gathers top athletes from all over the Globe and industry leaders, as well as a huge number of fans. It is a non-profit organization lead by top professionals.

Annually, it organizes a series of world class events which cover three main disciplines: Freestyle, Wave and Course Racing. Freestyle competitions are judged based of risk factor, technical difficulty, style and innovation. Wave competitions are judged based on fluidity, speed and style maneuvers, while Course Racing events are dedicated to high speed lovers and experienced riders.

PKRA World Tour gathers a series of 14 events where the world’s grates riders will compete to win the respect and admiration of kiteboarding fans across the Globe. Usually the events start in March and end in December. Each event requires a registration fee, and riders are awarded with points and cash prizes.

Over the past years, the PKRA held over 80 events at the highest professional standards, and great riders like Aaron Hadlow, Guilly Brandao, Kevin Langeree, Bruna Kajiya and many others have proven their skills and won the admiration of thousands of kiteboarding enthusiasts.

On the PKRA official website, kiteboarders can find the full event schedule, the rules, event photos and videos, news and results, rider profiles and much more.