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SU-2 ProRider 2010

SU-2 ProRider 2010

Kiteboard Model: ProRider
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
125 x 39cm
130 x 41cm
135 x 41cm


Meant for the freestyle enthusiast

Suited for riders between 65 and 85 kilos (depending on the model)
Various color options
Adjustable Stance

Hyberbolic Paraboid Concave – a shape that minimizes drag and improves speed, upwind ability and light wind performance.
Antivibration II Generation – the hybrid code combined with the flexibility of the tips makes for a board that doesn’t vibrate much (the vibrations are reduced).
Skip Edge – instead of ABS, the board features a silicon edge that gives the board more pop.
System Active Edge – the board is more responsive and offers smoother landings because the thickness of the edge changes in particular places around the rail.
Made from top quality, lightweight yet durable materials.
The top of the board is protected by a combination of high. quality epoxy resin and layers of fiberglass to ensure high durability.

There are 3 models in the 2010 ProRider lineup – the 125 x 39cm model, which is suited for 65kg riders, the 130 x 41 cm model, which is suited for 75kg riders, and the 135 x 41cm model, which is suited for 85kg riders. So no matter if you are a smaller or a larger rider, you will find a ProRider model to suit your needs.

The ProRider is SU-2’s dedicated freestyle board. In designing this board the manufacturer took heed to the feedback provided by its team of pro riders. SU-2’s pro riders demand a few specifics from their freestyle boards:

- The board has to be fast and must plane seamlessly, even in the lightest of winds.
- The board must have plenty of pop and must remain controllable during landings.
- The board must perform well on flat water and in the chop.
- The spray must be kept away from the rider’s face.
- The board must perform well during a freeride session as well.
- The board must have excellent upwind performance.
- In overpowered conditions, the board must remain stable.

SU-2 listened to all these demands when it designed the 2010 ProRider.